COVID come and brought lockdowns. We were obliged to stay at home. Luckily we could go out for small walks around the house. That was, in the peak of the pandemic, not only Bootani was created but also this first season. 


Being a strong supporter of Nature and big walks through it, I was taking my children to explore the beautiful hills nearby. There they could play freely, outside, with any kind of natural element. They were getting all dirty and wet, collecting and eating fruits right from the trees they could find, splashing every water puddle and string, and searching for little animals to feed.

 A fruit, animals, flowers... Nature. Such beautiful elements to create designs for children. The Lake Zone Collection was born.


A Flower or a Fruit? The “Snacks and Flowers” motive is a funny way to look at things where some may find a fruit, raspberries, or a beautiful flower, it only depends on your perspective. Both are right. 




The same idea can be applied to different themes… A duck, a Lake… More elements that can connect to bring even more joy to our creations… That was how our Lake was found... By spinning it around we can create a duck, just by adding a little beak



This is a Season full of love and inspiration brought from our Nature. Nature that for this mother, is one of the most important things for us to absorb and enjoy to the maximum with our younger ones.



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