Welcome to Bootani®! This is our Story!

In the mist of the pandemic, a mother of two small children decided to give wings to her imagination and run after a dream.

With her own love for nature and the small pleasures of life, she is sensitive to the beauty in the details of her surroundings. The model of education very focused on the exploration of the outdoors, of nature, of what it has to offer us, the pleasure of experimenting, getting dirty, touching, feeling and learning from different experiences, gave birth to BOOTANI®.

A children's clothing brand was born, based on very personal pillars, the details of the products and their fabrication, the colors refering to the diversity existing in nature, the care and comfort to explore.

bootani sustainable kids and baby clothing

BOOTANI® is a clothing brand for babies and children, from 6 months to 6 years, with 100% Portuguese design, materials and production.

Passionate about the purity of children, about childhood and the growth process. Each collection launched is the result of such love and commitment. We study the functionality and design of each garment, search for the best materials, the most sustainable, child and environmentally friendly.

All stages of the product development are closely monitored by us, from creation, to production, packaging, and shipping

bootani sustainable kids and baby clothing

Once the idea and first sketches for the essencial garments were created, the gathering of information from nature, it was time to create our space. Without the means to spare on rentals and our own real estate, our office was born in our GARAGE.

We can, for now, say: "from our Garage, with lots of love".

We were born this way and our hearts are filled with joy and pride

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